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Our clients online security and privacy is right at the top of our agenda. We make all of our product, service and resource sales from our Ultra Secure
website store.

For those clients who still prefer to use the old fashioned methods of payment we still accept cheque's and you can request our bank details to make electronic payments from your bank account to ours.

Below you will find find payment links to a product or a product category, service or resource. Once payment is made our system automatically generates and and emails an invoice to you.

Salon Business and Salon Human Resources documents, employee contracts etc are immediately downloadable so you can get to work straight away. No fuss and no waiting.

Salon Managers Academy

Salon Managers Academy Level One. Salon Human Resources

Salon Managers Academy Level Two. Salon Business Development

Salon Managers Academy Level Three. Salon Online Marketing

Salon Managers Academy Level Four. Advanced Salon Managers Academy

Salon Business Training

The Salon Managers Academy: Various Subscriptions

Hairdressers Increased Earnings Guide £17.70

Salon Managers Guide to Increased Salon Profits £17.70

Salon Business Accelerator Programme £2,978.72

Salon Mega-Manager Course £1,080.00

Salon Super-Stylist Course £123.00 per delegate

Advanced Salon Retail Course £123.00 per delegate

Articulate for Trainees £123.00 per delegate

Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment £17.70

Salon Human Resources Documents

Salon Chair Rental Agreement

Salon Job Seeker CV's for all salon trades

Salon Job Application Packs for all salon trades

Salon Employee Contracts with Job Descriptions for all salon trades.

Salon Employee Handbooks

Salon Staff Performance Appraisals for all salon trades

Complete Salon Human Resources Pack

Salon Recruitment Procedures Pack

Salon Redundancy Procedures Pack

Salon Disciplinary Procedures Pack


Salon Websites

Salon Ecommerce Websites prices from £411.25 to £10,398.00

Salon Self Managed Websites prices from £646.25 to £2,937.50

HTML Managed Websites prices from £45.00 +VAT per page

Bespoke Salon Websites: Price on Application

Professional Salon Email+ Package £150.00

Website Hosting Plans: Fully Managed

Webmaster Service Charges

Salon Email Marketing

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Salon Retail Products

Synthetic Fashion Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair Pieces

Hair Wraps and Hair Bands

Theatrical Beards and Moustaches

SoBronze Sun-Free Tanning Products