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Salon Website Goals.Salon Website Goals Designed to Achieve Business Development Objectives

Everything we do in our business lives is driven by goals. Goals set to achieve many business objectives which ultimately lead to improved performance and increased profitability for the business owners.

Salon Websites should be no different. Our Salon Website Designs incorporate new client generation and profit building goals.

Salon Website Structure

Salon Website structure is determined by Salon Business goals & objectives and because we are leaders in Salon Business Development techniques and Online Marketing we are the best people to design your Salon Website in order to ensure that it achieves its revenue building goals.

Minimum Salon Website Goals:

  1. Be found on the first page of Google by local internet searchers.
  2. Initiate the Sale of Salon Services, Products and Vouchers.
  3. Project credibility and trust.
  4. Amplify the salon brand, image and profile.
  5. Demonstrate expertise in your specialist area/s
  6. Display salon service menu and prices.
  7. Advertise and Promote Big-Ticket services .
  8. Offer new client promotions.
  9. Offer existing client promotions.
  10. Collect prospective new client names and email address from every page.

To achieve all of the above and to ensure that a large proportion of your viable website visitors sign-up to your website to receive marketing messages from you the website designer needs to have the following:

  • In depth knowledge of the industry.
  • Expert knowledge of client buying habits.
  • A working knowledge of hairdressing and beauty.
  • Expert website design skills.
  • Website development expertise.
  • Online marketing expertise.
  • Search Engine Optimisation expertise.
  • SEO Copy writing expertise.

This list of skills and attributes are very rare in the website design and development community, but they are all available "under-one-roof" to Full Column clients.

Salon Website Goal FunnelWebaite Goal Funnel for Increased Salon Profits

Online Marketing delivers a larger return on investment (ROI) because unlike traditional marketing, the website and subsequent email marketing promotes your business to people who are actively seeking your kind of services or are already interested in what you have to offer.

This goal-funnel demonstrates the kind of return you could expect from website visitors. That's twice the ROI of traditional advertising.

Website Goals in Action:

  1. Good Search Engine Optimisation delivers viable visitors to your salon website
  2. Good design and initial landing page message attracts the visitor to stay and read more
  3. Strong "call-to-action" gets the visitor to sign up to the website and or contact the salon
  4. % of Visitor become clients after after 1 to 3 visits to the website
  5. % of visitors become clients after receiving between 1 and 7 email marketing messages ⇐ read me.

A Salon Website which Delivers a Mega Brand Image
Mega-Brand Mentality
We will design your Salon Website to work on your behalf and to generate a mega-brand image that truly reflects the quality of your salon and win new business.

A Really good mega-brand website from Full Column could literally put your salon on the map and over it's life-time will generate countless thousands in NEW revenue.