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Salon Business Accelerator Programme (SBA).

The Salon Business Accelerator (SBA) Programme has been designed to help busy salon management to take stock of where they are today and where they want to be in the future.

Without interfering with current salon operations the SBA will bring clarity to the important revenue building steps needed to accelerate profitable salon growth and secure the business for the future with a solid and dependable strategic growth plan.

Our mission is to provide a platform to which will help salon management to increase profitable salon revenue. To do this with respect and integrity for clients and for salon staff by providing clarity in the salon workflow and by providing salon management and salon staff with business development knowledge.


Hi Mick

Thanks for Monday both Kate and I thought it was great, very positive, motivational and informative. It was so good to talk to someone who knows our business so well and that we can relate to. 

Really looking forward to the rest of Salon Business Accelerator Programme. Started to fill in The Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment, it made us realise how average our old business plan was and how unstructured.

Thanks again, look forward to seeing you!

Regards, Mark & Kate
Kate Bloom Hair and Beauty

A Salon Business Development Programme

In our rapidly changing business and social environment more relevant salon management strategies must be developed. More effective growth strategies must be learned, practiced and assessed.

The stylist-client workflow and procedures are critical to future growth and profitability and therefore it is of paramount importance that there is congruence between the Salons:Salon Business Performance

• Mission
• Vision
• Strategic Planning
• Operations Management
• Human Resource Management
• Decision Making
• Staff Training and Development
• Professional and Ethical Standards
• Communication
• Team Motivation and Discipline
• Revenue Performance Management

It quite often goes un-noticed that there are conflicting groups of people at work in the salon. It is salon managements task to move the team towards more collaborative and productive working methods.

In order for possible changes to be considered, identified and implemented a planned change effort is necessary. A program of organisational development. This program starts with a Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment. This assessment is the starting point to of Salon Business Accelerator Program.

Four stages essential for sustainable business development:

1. Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment (SBDA)
2. Analyse the SBDA
3. Action Planning
4. Training and Plan Implementation

Together our objective is to introduce methods which will increase salon productivity whilst maintaining a happy and stable working environment for all staff.

The motive to develop the SBA is driven by the authors’ passion to help salon management improve their staff’s professionalism, engendering in them an awareness of their personal responsibility for generating more salon revenue to drive substantial business growth whilst retaining respect and integrity for clients.

The salon owner’s motive to invest in the SBA Programme is to substantially increase salon revenue via:

• More “business aware” salon staff working to increase personal column revenue.
• Increased salon revenue –via- a detailed staff-client workflow strategy.
• More effective salon marketing driving new business to the salon.
• Improved client retention.
• Increased client loyalty.
• Increased client referrals.
• Increased average client bill.
• Clients visit the salon more frequently.
• Substantially increased retail sales.

Salon management bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring that the salon is kept busy with a constant flow of clients. This can be a challenging task, one that the staff working for you will never truly appreciate. The level of success your business will enjoy is based upon your ability to manage people, resources and change.

Manage with a heavy hand and you will lose your best staff, manage to weakly and you will lose your best clients! Manage strategically and your business will grow with an increasingly happy and loyal salon team.

To pursue the “end game” of Strategic Salon Management is simply to apply the logic that the salon owner must be wise enough to recognise and deploy the financial and human resources needed to achieve the business objectives.

From knowledge of how each element of your business is performing you can identify strengths and weaknesses. Once this has been achieved you can accurately target individuals with specific and meaningful business growth objectives. This will have significant impact on your future revenue and profitability.

Salon Business Accelerator Step-by-Step Overview

Step 1

You will receive a "Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment" this is a hefty document that you must complete. The document helps us analyse current salon business performance. The document when completed will contain information which will be used to help build future strategy and business development procedures.

Step 2

Install a Salon Human Resources Strategy and renew all salon HR documents. It is important that salon staff understand their role in the business with a clarity that will bring new vigour to their work. This includes Employee contracts, Job descriptions, Employee Handbook, recruitment policy and documents.
All are provided within the cost of the SBA

Step 3

Utilising the information from the Salon Business Diagnostic Assessment we will tailor the next stage of the SBA, which is delivery of the Salon Mega-Manager Course at your salon or chosen location. The Salon Owner and the Salon Manager/s attend this training course.

The Salon Mega-Manager Course covers effective and productive human resources management including a revolutionary “salon-specific” training needs analysis and Performance appraisal programme.

Step 4

Mick Say presents the in-salon Super-Stylist Course to all salon staff. This is a full day stylist business development course designed to encourage salon staff to accept personal responsibility for developing their own column and to become more business aware.

Step 5

Initiate the salon employee Performance Appraisal procedure and set dates for all staff appraisals. Appraisals are carried out and documented as taught in the Mega-Manager course. A training needs analysis is completed and tailored Personal development plans are drawn up for each team member.

Step 6

Issue meaningful, Achievable Performance Targets to all client facing staff. Continued management of performance appraisals. The salon manager will now have the Knowledge, Skills and Ability to manage and motivate a world class salon team.

How to Book the Salon Business Accelerator Programme

The Super-Stylist Course costs £2,978.72+ VAT. Please visit the Salon Advice Store to book your course.
A travel supplement is payable by Salons outside of England and Wales . Contact Mick Say for details.