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Articulate for Hairdressing Trainees and Young Stylists.Articulate for Salon Trainees

The Articulate for Salon Trainees course has been written for trainees in the first year or second of their career and for young stylists whom have difficulty communicating professionally with clients.This fun relaxed learning experience is suitable for any salon employee who needs to improve their communication skills.

It is Important that salon trainees and junior stylists learn relevant communication techniques early in their training to avoid the formation of future bad habits. Also hairdressing trainees are instrumental in providing the perfect salon-client experience and the Articulate course will aid their ability to contribute more to the client experience and resulting client profits.

Take the Articulate Test !

Instruct your stylists to ask all clients when they return from the back-wash "How was the Shampoo ?"

If clients reply OK, alright or nice: Trainees failed the test and your shampoo experience and your trainees communication skills needs to be improved. (The answer needs contain exhilaration and or excitement).

Where should the Articulate Course be Held ?

The course is ideally suited to be staged by Hairdressing Colleges or Hairdressing Training Establishments. Ideally the training location will have a minimum of three back-wash stations.

The course can be held in any salon when the salon is closed. This course can not be conducted whilst there are clients in the salon. Articulate is a serious training initiative but there will be lots of laughter and fun.

What will delegates learn ?

The day includes, instruction, presentation, debate and role play delivered by Mick Say, the Salon CEO.

Delegates will learn how to communicate professionally and how to make a better impression on your clients.

* Only 7% of communication comes from words
* 38% of communication is tone of voice
* 55% is body language

Delegates will learn essential communication skills utilising simple body language and vocal skills. They will learn how to speak to clients at the back-wash, what to say, what to do, when and how. They will learn how to greet clients and how to make clients feel like they are in safe professional hands.

Your trainees will have more confidence, authority, rapport, presence, influence and natural charisma. They will become more responsive and interesting to clients and be more effective members of your team.

Client retention will increase as will retail sales and your reputation for 1st class client service.

How long is the Articulate course ?

Articulate is a one day course. 10am to 4 pm - The Salon or College must be closed to clients for the training.

A salon Manager, Senior Stylist or College Lecturer must be available to attend and assist with the course.

How to book the Articulate for Hairdressing Trainees course

Salon Owners should visit the web store to book the course. The course costs £123.00 per delegate. Discounts for large groups can be obtained by contacting Mick Say on 07719 061 835.

Hairdressing Colleges and training establishments should also Contact Mick direct.

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