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Salon staff performance appraisals


Salon Managers need guidance, training and encouragement in how to conduct appraisals properly. Especially the detractors and the critics. Help anxious managers develop and adapt appraisals methods that work for them.

Performance appraisals that are conducted poorly will be counter-productive and are a waste of everyone's time.

This course is designed to provide Salon Management with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to perform effective salon staff performance appraisals.

As well as gaining an in depth knowledge of the subject delegates will leave the course with:

  • Salon Staff Performance Appraisal Pack
  • Training Needs Analysis Kit for the Salon Team
  • Personal Development Plan Template
  • Each Document Bespoke per Salon Trade

During the appraisal process we aim to develop the "whole person" with a view to improving salon productivity.
To do this with respect and integrity for salon clients and staff. It is a process of improvement for all aspects of work.

Well-prepared and well-conducted performance appraisals provide unique opportunities to help salon staff and salon managers improve and develop, and thereby also the salons for whom they work.

Are performance appraisals beneficial and appropriate for salons ?

It is sometimes fashionable in the hair, beauty and barber industry to dismiss performance appraisals as being irrelevant or unhelpful. Be very wary however if considering removing appraisals from your salon practices.

It is likely that the critics of the appraisal system are the people who can't conduct them very well. It's a common human response to want to get-rid-of something that one does not understand or finds difficult .

Appraisals have been a mainstay of management for decades, for good reasons.

Think about everything that performance appraisals can achieve and contribute to when they are properly managed:

  • Performance measurement - transparent, short, medium and long term
  • Clarifying, defining, redefining priorities and objectives
  • Motivation through agreeing helpful aims and targets
  • Motivation though achievement and feedback
  • Training needs and learning desires - assessment and agreement
  • Identification of personal strengths and direction
  • Identification of unused hidden strengths
  • Career and succession planning
  • Team roles clarification and team building
  • Salon and or salon group training needs assessment and analysis
  • Appraisee and manager mutual awareness, understanding and relationship
  • Resolving confusions and misunderstandings
  • Reinforcing and cascading organisational philosophies, values, aims, strategies, priorities, etc
  • Delegation, additional responsibilities,
  • Employee growth and development
  • Counseling and feedback
  • Manager development - all good managers should be able to conduct appraisals. it's a fundamental process
  • The list could go on and on.....

Although Salon Managers may spend each working day in the same room as their subordinates they do not get the opportunity for One-on-One, Face-to-Face time unless it is planned, structured and organised. Performance appraisals offer a way to manage valuable face-to-face opportunities.

Managers need guidance, training and encouragement in how to conduct appraisals properly. Especially the detractors and the critics. Help anxious salon managers (and salon owners) develop and adapt appraisals methods that work for them and their salons.

Look out for the warning signs of 'negative attitudes' towards appraisals.

This is most often found where the a manager dislikes conducting appraisals, usually because they are uncomfortable and inexperienced in conducting them.

The senior manager typically will be heard to say that appraisals don't work and are a waste of time, which for them becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy !!!!!!!!!

This attitude and behaviour then cascades down to their appraisees (all the people in their team) who then not surprisingly also apply the same 'no good - not doing it' attitude to their own appraisals.

If performance appraisals aren't working, don't blame the process, ask yourself if the managers conducting the appraisals are properly trained and fully understand the system. Also is the appraisal system fully, explained, agreed and conducted with all salon staff.