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Salon Human Resources Strategy, Training and Documents

Here's what one salon owner said about our Salon Human Resources Service:

"Full Column's appraisal technique has given us a detailed and through method to evaluate our staff and their performance, a way to get to the bottom of any problems, to analyse them then create solutions. It gives the staff a real feeling of involvement in the business and their future career through performance analysis and feedback"

Mark Turner (Director) - Kate Bloom Hair and Beauty

Salon Human Resource Management

Our aim is to help improve productivity -via- enhanced Salon Human Resource management techniques.Salon Human Resources Support

We provide information, advice, training and a range of services, working with salon employers to prevent HR problems and improve performance and productivity.

When you put it in context - the success of your salon depends totally on the willingness and skill of your salon staff to perform their duties: To perform them well and to perform them more often to more clients.

Therefore is it fair to say the that the most important strategy a salon owner can have is an effective and productive Salon Human Resources Strategy?

If you agree with the above but do not currently have a Salon Human Resources Strategy then possibly one of our Salon Leadership and Management training courses could be right for you. Or you may consider investing in one of our low cost Salon Human Resources Document packages.

Salon Human Resource Planning

If you are a salon owner, you employ stylists and or therapists. These stylists and therapists are responsible for the current state of your business. Yes, you manage them and you are responsible for their performance but unless you have been trained or have extensive professional human resources experience your employees will likely be performing below their true potential.

Salon Human Resources are the people who work in the salon and Salon Human Resource Management is the process concerned with how stylists and therapists perform their duties.

The inspirational salon manager realises that his or her staff have pride, feelings, aspirations and needs and the take into account that many of them have ambition and want to succeed, whilst others just want to get along. The effective Salon Manager takes these points on board and considers:

* The needs of the salon business
* The needs of its employees
* The needs of the salon shareholders

As stated above different individuals have their own aspirations. Human resources management therefore involves investigating individual employee needs and aspirations during 1-2-1 meetings and by providing training and development opportunities via an effective Performance Appraisal and goal/targeting system.

Salon Human Resource Strategy

Simply having a set of Salon Employee Contracts and possibly a Salon Employee Handbook is not enough to constitute a Salon Human Resources Strategy. Further if your Salon Employee Contracts, Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals are not bespoke per salon employee and their specific salon trade, chances are they do not perform their duties to 100% of their revenue building potential.

A Salon Human Resources Strategy is concerned with creating congruence between what your salon staff should do, their understanding of their responsibilities as "profit centres" and their ability and willingness to perform their duties profitably for you and the salon.

Also a Salon Human Resources Strategy will help you the salon owner or manager to promote a really happy and stable working environment where everyone is growing professionally and the salon is growing profitably.

Members of the Salon Managers Academy and delegates on Salon Mega-Manager Course receive both the Salon Human Resources training and the complete set of documents needed to conduct the strategy and make it work to lift your salon profits and your staff's professionalism.

Salon Human Resource Documents

To build a top performing salon team, the team leader needs to install a legislatively correct set of procedures, routines and HR documents designed to promote individual professionalism and profitable salon growth.

This begins by installing documents which are "bespoke" per salon trade and tailored to individual team members: IE, Salon Manager, Senior Stylist, Graduate Stylist, Trainee, Receptionist, Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician etc. Also the salon manager needs to know how to manage the documents and the employees.

There is much more to a Salon HR strategy than meets the eye, and when implemented by a knowledgeable manager it enables that salon manager to take control and really boost business performance.

What does a Salon Human Resources Pack Include ?

1. Recruitment pack for all hair and beauty tradesSalon Human Resources Document Packs availabel with or without training
2. Job description for all salon trades
3. Person specification for all salon trades
4. Employee contract for all salon trades
5. Comprehensive salon employee handbook
6. Performance appraisals for all salon trades
7. Training needs analysis and PDP system for all salon trades
8. Many other form letters, policies and procedural documents

Salon Human Resources Training

We have various Salon Human Resources Training packages including the Salon Managers Academy and the the Salon Mega-Manager course.

As well as providing complete Salon Human Resources packs and training we also sell individual documents in including salon employee contracts. Please see our Sales section for further details.