Best Selling eBook: The Salon Managers Guide. + NEW Salon Stylists Guide

The Salon Managers Guide to Increased Salon Productivity  |  The Salon Stylists Column Building Guide

The Salon Managers Guide to Increased Salon Productivity.

The Salon Managers Guide is a unique Salon Business Development book which details the salon management formula essential for profitable revenue growth. The Salon Manager

The Salon Manager is responsible for ensuring that the salon is kept busy with a constant flow of clients and to ensure the smooth running of the salon business. It’s a complicated task that the stylists working for you will never truly appreciate. Your team will rarely work to 100% efficiency unless you the Salon Manager make it happen.

Success in your business is based upon your ability to manage people and resources. Manage WITHOUT an aggressive Salon Business Development plan and you may get left behind by your competitors.

The salon managers guide provides a low-cost blueprint which is the catalyst for increased staff productivity and profitable salon growth.

The Salon Managers Guide is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to successful salon management, it will help you manage your staff and engineer your Business Development Plan in a manner that has respect for your staff and clients. When you employ its principles your business will grow.

Increase Staff Productivity and Increased Salon Profits will Follow

Each salon must develop a clearly defined business growth strategy which as a minimum will: 

✂ Win more new clients
✂ Improve client retention
✂ Increase prices annually without losing clients
✂ Sell more salon retail products
✂ Increase average client spend
✂ Increase salon revenue with current staff levels
✂ Increase the frequency of our client visits
✂ Convert more of our clients to colour
✂ Sell more treatments
✂ Sell more services from our salon menu
✂ Encourage staff to work more closely as a team
✂ Motivate my team to want to do better and achieve targets

When planning for salon business efficiency, increased productivity and profit growth the Salon Manager must analyse all business operations and assets. In a salon the most costly and often the least efficient assets are the stylists and therapists.

The Salon Manager should use the Salon Managers Guide as a blueprint for increasing staff efficiency which will lead to improved staff productivity and more profitable client management.

Salon Managers should also consider purchasing the Stylists Column Building Guide for distribution to staff.

A Smart Investment

If the Salon Manager reads and then applies the principles of the Salon Managers Guide to staff working procedures and then ensures that stylists and therapists work to the methods in the book, staff productivity and profit-per-client will improve.

Your employees are your biggest “assets” you invest more cash into them than anything else in your business so it is fair to expect a large return in terms of team work, motivation, hard work and diligent column building.

Make this year the year when you stop tolerating "ok" and "good enough" from your staff and manage them to deliver more profit for your business and more earnings for themselves. The Salon Managers Guide is not complicated or difficult to follow and it will help the Salon Manager to focus on staff productivity.

How to buy the Salon Managers Guide

The Salon Managers Guide eBook costs £17.70+ VAT and can be purchased for immediate download at the web store. Also see the Salon Mega-Manager Course for more in depth 1-on1 training.