Advanced Business Development Training for Salon Management.

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Salon Mega-Manager: Salon Management Training Course

Salon Management Course = A strategic approach to continuous, profitable salon revenue growth.

This Salon Management Course is a super-intensive one day course for Salon Owners and Salon Managers. The course is an instructor led analysis of Strategic Salon Business Development. It is focused on new client acquisition and profitable revenue driving initiatives.Salon Mega Manager Training Course

The Salon Mega-Manager Course is designed to provide Salon Management with the tools and knowledge needed to transform creative Stylists and Therapists into Super-Productive (creative) Stylists and Therapists.
A Business Development course involving business development imperatives.

Our goal on this Salon Management Course is to provide Salon Management with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve substantially improved productivity and profitable salon revenue growth.

The success of your salon business is based upon managements ability to manage people and resources. Our Salon Management training enables
Salon Management to achieve this quickly and professionally.

We also explore how our industry is evolving and what you can to do to stay or get ahead of your competition at a time when clients are demanding higher levels of service and are divorcing those salons that do not deliver.

Imagination, Creativity and Salon Management Skills

We work in an industry where client "Value-Added" through stylist imagination and creativity are critical, the Salon Managers Job No.1 has to be the Recruitment, Training, Development, Motivation and Retention of Talented Stylists, Technicians and Therapists.

At the heart of the Salon Mega-Manager course lies a professional Human Resource Strategy which teaches, measures, manages and appraises professional business development and revenue building skills, via a comprehensive Salon-Client workflow. The salons that employ these methods will be more productive and more professional without being to formal and without alienating clients.

Scenario 1: Each Team Member Has:

✔ Bespoke per salon trade recruitment pack
✔ Bespoke to salon trade contract of employment
✔ Tailored, specific trade job description
✔ Access to up-to-date salon employee handbook
✔ Bespoke salon trade performance appraisals
✔ Meaningful training needs analysis system
✔ A personal, professional development plan
✔ Salon disciplinary policy and procedures
✔ A salon dress code

✔ Manager has formal management training


Scenario 2: Each Team Member Has:

✘ No recruitment policy
✂ Old generic employee contracts
✘ No job description
✂ Old generic or no employee handbook
✘ No formal performance appraisal system
✘ No training needs analysis system
✘ No personal, professional development plans
✘ No disciplinary policy and procedures
✘ No salon dress code

✘ Manager has no formal management training

Scenario 2 Type Salon:

Salon has some ill disciplined staff, salon often has conflicting groups or individuals working in the salon, salon manager tolerates some staff and their poor behaviour, salon staff spend downtime in the staff room, some salon staff are not always immaculately turned out, client retention is below expectation, client referrals a very infrequent, salon retail is unacceptably small, client re booking is not so good, salon profits are not what the salon owner intended them to be.

Scenario 1 Type Salon:

Salon always has a warm happy atmosphere with glamorous staff who support each other because they are a loyal-to-each-other team, client retention is higher than most salons, with most clients re booking on the day and pass referrals to their personal stylists. Staff only ever enter the staff room during official breaks and they spend what little down-time they have carrying out meaningful duties or supporting their colleagues.

Salon profits are good enough to pay above minimum wage and rewarding commission, the books are balanced in the black and the directors receive a generous dividend at the end of the financial year.

Which Type of Salon do you Manage or Own?

There are of course salons in between type 1 and 2 and many of these "in between" salons will be doing OK. But why settle for OK, when you have the potential to do FANTASTIC ?

There is only a fine line between your employees ability to be a top-performing-team" or "ordinary-individuals."
You don't need us to tell you that the difference between an ordinary team and a fantastic team is determined by Salon Management.

To become a type one salon, Salon Management need to have all of the tools and resources at their disposal and they have to know how to use them effectively. This is the essence of the Salon Mega-Managers course.

Some of the tools available on the Salon Mega-Managers course are listed below and full training in their use is delivered to delegates on the course which can be delivered 1-on-1 in your salon or 1-to-many in the class room.

Job Application - Recruitment Pack.

A bespoke job application pack individually tailored for: Apprentice, Stylist, Senior Stylist, Salon Manager, Salon Receptionist, Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician. This pack ensures that you have a detailed person specification and Job description as well as the tailored Job Application Form which includes everything needed for the recruitment process. All you have to do is Click Print!

This pack also contains form letters for communicating with successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Salon Employee Handbook

The Full Column Salon Handbook is bang up to date and approved by a leading Human Resources Law Firm. It contains the terms and conditions of employment and much more, including your salons, Mission and Vision Statements, all bespoke to the hairdressing and beauty industry.

Salon Staff Contracts

The Full Column Salon Staff Contracts are individually written for: Apprentice, Stylist, Senior Stylist, Salon Manager, Salon Receptionist, Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician. All include a job specification individual to the role.

Hairdresser and Salon Staff Performance Appraisals

Our Salon Staff Performance Appraisals are individually tailored to: Apprentice, Stylist, Senior Stylist, Salon Manager, Salon Receptionist, Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician. These Performance Appraisals will be one of the catalysts to professional growth and performance enhancement.

The Full Column Performance Appraisal documents are completely unique anywhere in the world, and are only available from Full Column. They have been engineered and personally written by Mick Say - the Salon CEO specifically and only for salons.

Salon Training Needs Analysis

The Salon Training Needs Analysis has been written to perfectly correspond to to the Full Column Performance Appraisals. This completely unique system makes the whole process quicker, easier and vastly more accurate.

This unique tool invented by Full Column is only available for use by delegates whom have attended the Salon Management Course, it actually measures your teams performance rating and shows a reading performance percentage IE: Your team is currently operating at 60% of it's potential operating efficiency. It even identifies how to increase the rating and the team performance.

Hairdresser & Salon Staff Personal Development Plans

The personal development plan is the document in which you record the goals and objectives that you and your subordinates agree upon following a performance appraisal, this document is supervised by you but is kept and updated by the employee as stages and goals are achieved. It is a current record and a history of learning and improvement.

In Summary

The Salon Management Course aids Salon Managements ability to manage the business and its people rationally, fairly and with great respect. Your staff will respect you more as a manager and will become more loyal to the business as you demonstrate your commitment to their personal, professional and creative development.

How Much does the Mega-Manager Course Cost?

The 1-Day Salon Mega-Manager Course including access to all Human Resources documents £1,080.00

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