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Salon Recruitment Interview Questions.

Are you a Salon Manager Preparing to Interview Candidates. If yes please read this page:

or Click Here: If you are a Stylist preparing for an interview:

The first thing to bear in mind when preparing to interview potential new employees is that we are all human and we all have feelings. The interviewee will be nervous and possibly you will be too.

To help overcome the nerves and perform a perfect interview which instills confidence in your potential new employee the No.1 golden rule is to be fully prepared for the interview. Being prepared will give you a real air of confidence and will help you and the interviewee enjoy the interview.

Please bear in mind that interviewing should not over complicated. Keep it Simple.

It's a very simple procedure of getting to know your candidate, importantly you should try to achieve this with TWO interviews. The first interview is about finding candidates that you think will be likeable and will fit well into your team and get on well with your clients.

What things do I need in preparation for the first interview?

Interview Preparation Checklist 1 - Turnout and Bearing

Make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Dress to Impress using your salon dress code as your guide.
It goes without saying that your general turnout; hair, makeup, shoes etc, should all be representative of the high quality expected of all your employees.

Interview Preparation Checklist 2 - Salon Staff Interview Questions

Make sure you have a list of questions that you would like to ask your candidates (see interview questions below). All candidates should be asked the same questions in order to be fair across the board.

Interview Preparation Checklist 3 - the Initial Telephone Interview

Bearing in mind we are starting from the beginning of the interview process, so you should always conduct an initial brief interview on the telephone before meeting candidates face to face. This could save you loads of time and later stress !

Download a simple telephone interview questions list form here. Free

Interview Preparation Checklist 4 - Physical Stuff.

Make sure that you have the candidates CV and a Pen and Paper.

Interview Preparation Checklist 5 - Timings and dates.

Prior to meeting your first candidate you must plot a time plan for when you are going to hold second interviews and trade tests.

1. Tell them the date/s you will be holding second interviews and inform them that you will be writing to each candidate to inform them if they will be invited back for a second interview.

2. Tell them that candidates who "move on" from second interviews will be invited to perform a trade test and tell them what would be expected from them in your trade test. See the what to do in a trade test page:

Interview Preparation Checklist 6 - Interview Questions

At this first interview you want to learn about the person and how they will fit into your salon team, so try to avoid asking technical questions at this stage.

* Tell me about yourself?
* What is the most enjoyable part of your current job?
* Tell me what you think the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career is?
* Why do you want to leave your present salon?
* What is your present boss like?
* What can you tell me about our salon?
* What made you apply for this job?
* What qualities do you think you can bring to our salon?
* How long would you expect to work in our salon?
* What is your greatest strength as a hairdresser?
* What is your biggest weakness as a hairdresser?
* What would your salon work colleagues say about you?
* What would your friends say about you?

The above questions will help the interviewer understand how ambitious and motivated the candidate is. Remember that this should be a two way conversation, and it should be conducted conversationally and not like an investigation.

Technical questions should really be left to the second interview and or trade test. However if you have decided only to do one interview before inviting candidates back for a trade test, then you should ask your trade related technical questions now.


* How old are you?
* What religion are you?
* Do you have children?
* Do you plan to have Children?
* Do you have an disabilities I should be aware of?
* Do you drink, smoke or take drugs?
* How much time do you take off sick?

The above questions are discriminatory and the should not be openly asked.

Stage Two Following the first Interviews.

Ok so now you have the first interviews under your belt you need to write to all candidates to inform them that they have been invited back for a second interview or have not been successful.

For your convenience we have written all of the form letters you could possibly need during the recruitment process and this pack is available at only £16.25 from our Salon Advice Shop.

Write to all candidates and inform them of your decision. For the candidates you are inviting back for a second interview and or trade test you should enclose your Salon job application form in the letter and ask them to return it by a certain date. (see below)

Interview Preparation Checklist 6 - Salon Staff Job Application Forms

The Salon job application form is very important. Do not rely on CV's for your information because these tell you what the candidate wants you to know, the Job application forms get the candidate to tell you what you want to know. And they also contain all of the legal etc, requirements that will keep you safe in employment law.

The job application form should be unique per salon trade. They only cost £12.00 each but are worth their weight in gold as they help you to make good decisions.

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