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Salon Employee Personal Development Plans.

The Salon Employee Personal Development Plan (PDP) is designed to capture agreement between you and your salon employees on key areas of learning and professional development and should detail how these these learning needs will be supported.

The Salon Employee Personal Development Plan is your route to increased staff productivity and profitability -via- an approach of Training Needs Analysis which follows an easy to implement staff appraisal system.

When this approach of (1) Performance Appraisal, (2) Training Needs Analysis, (3) Personal Development Plan is implemented with knowledge and integrity you will develop a powerfully strong and loyal salon team who grow creatively, professionally and productively.

Our Salon Performance Appraisal pack includes all three points above for each salon trade as below:

* Trainee Stylist Personal Development Plan
* Hairdressing Apprentice Personal Development Plan
* Graduate Stylist Personal Development Plan
* Senior Stylist Personal Development Plan
* Salon Receptionist Personal Development Plan
* Salon Manager Personal Development Plan
* Beauty Therapist Personal Development Plan
* Nail Technician Personal Development Plan

The Personal Development Plan is issued following an in depth:

* Salon Employee Appraisal and a
* Team Training Needs Analysis.

It is impossible to build a Personal Development Plan without first carrying out the above two steps.

A salon manager must encourage innovation and creativity but must also consider business growth.

A Personal Development Plan will include development objectives agreed for the following reasons:

* To acquire skills or knowledge to enhance performance in their current and future positions.
* To acquire sills or knowledge to address anticipated changes to the current position or market conditions
* To acquire skills and knowledge to address career aspirations of the employee where it has been agreed this will benefit both the individual and Your Salon

The Personal Development Plan should include the following for each objective in the plan:

* What will be learned
* How will this be achieved
* What resources / support will be required
* What will the success criteria be
* Target dates for review and completion

The Personal Development Plan should be kept by the employee and the Salon Manager will ensure it is used and updated.

The continuing success of Your Salon depends directly on the performance of each individual team member. You should do your part to invest in the future of the business and give all the support you can to your employees in order to ensure growth.

Our Salon Staff Personal Development plan sheets are free with the purchase of our Performance Appraisals.