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Salon Recruitment Step-by-Step.

The Salon Recruitment process can be a minefield which often ends in selecting the wrong person for the job. To optimise the opportunity of getting it right first time salon managers should begin by considering what the traits of the ideal candidate is.

Hairdressing and beauty is physically and mentally demanding work, so the candidates that you take forward to interview need to be fit enough to stand up to the rigours of the industry and be healthy enough to maintain the stamina that a busy stylist or therapist needs to survive the week behind a chair or in the treatment room.

Working in an integral part of the fashion industry candidates needs to have good fashion sense as this will be reflected not only in what they wear and how they prepare for the interview but how they present themselves for work every day in the salon. Beware the candidate who makes little effort to look 100%

Salon Employee Candidate Personal and Professional Traits

Personal Traits.

Fit, healthy, well spoken, polite, good listener, good dresser, well groomed, immaculately turned out, punctual.

Professional Traits

Qualifications should be congruent with length of service. IE, you would expect a dedicated stylist with 10 years service to be qualified to NVQ level 3.

Salon Recruitment Step-by-Step

STEP 1. Advertise vacancy
STEP 2. Receive written applications
STEP 3. Conduct telephone interviews
STEP 4. Conduct face-to-face interviews
STEP 5. Trade test
STEP 6. Make a job offer

STEP 1. Advertise Your Salon Vacancy

Because you don't want your employees traveling too far to get to work, you need to advertise locally to attract local candidates, but you may also want to advertise in a national trade publication to add credibility to your recruitment campaign.

If you treat your job advert as a simple add in a local rag you will only attract average candidates. If you organise a professional campaign with a well written picture advert it will cost you a little more but the response from the advert will be larger with better quality candidates.

Read back copies of Hairdressers Journal and the Salon Magazine to find inspiration for writing your add.

Then, select the best three local newspapers, one of them to be a free paper and place your adds to run for three consecutive weeks, also place an add in HJ or the Salon Mag if budget allows.

A great many stylists who are not really looking for a new job today read the situations vacant sections of trade mags and newspapers just to see what's going on, if your add is good and if your salon looks closer to home or more professional than the one they are currently working in you could receive interest from talented stylists who were not previously looking for a change.

Clearly state that all applications should be made in writing and clearly define your application closing date.

STEP 2. Receive Written Applications

Good hairdressers have great communication skills, personal pride and bags of confidence. These admirable traits will be reflected in the layout, clarity and content of their written application.

When your Job applications begin to arrive file them away until the closing date. Please do not be tempted to read them as they arrive. You need to have focus when you read the applications. So set aside half a day on the closing date to read through all of the applications all at once.

Applicants that have put little thought or effort into their written applications indicate that they are lazy and laziness in a job application could indicate laziness in their work.

Read through all the written applications one at a time. As you read through an application scribble a score out of 10 on the top of the form. Once all applications have been read you need to select the TOP 10 for an initial telephone interview.

Write to applicants outside the Top 10 with a sympathetic rejection letter.

STEP 3. Conduct Telephone Interviews

Client facing salon employees need to have great communication skills and it is important that you like them. Lets face it you will be working in each others space and you all need to get on well. The telephone interview will give you your first impression of your possible new employee and you will get a very important first-look at their telephone manner and verbal communications skills.

This telephone call should only last a few minutes. Ask every candidate the same question to enable a fair grading of the answers given.

You will know within seconds if you like or dislike the candidate, mark this "likeability" on a scale of 1 to 10 and also mark the answers to the question asked on a scale of 1 to 10. Once all calls have been made create your short list for the 1st face-to-face interview. Ensure that you keep your score sheet for future reference.

Download our example telephone interview script and use it as a score sheet.

STEP 4. Conduct Face-to-Face Interviews

The face-to-face interview is to determine which candidates to short-list to come back for a trade test.

You should gather questions to ask at this interview from the CV and written application you received from the candidate. Please also read the interview questions page.

Short-list candidates for a trade test and give them a specific to trade job application form to complete. This job application form needs to be completed and returned to you before the trade test.

STEP 5. Trade test..

The trade test should be designed to stretch the candidate and they should be invited to carry out multiple craft skills to demonstrate their competency, creativity and ability to multi-task clients.

This will be dependant on the vacant position and job description. Please read more about the Trade-Test.

STEP 6. Make your decision fast and make a job offer.

Once you have made your final decision, telephone the winning candidate and congratulate them on winning the job. Then send a written job offer.

All form letters including rejection letters and interview invitations and much more are available in our Salon Recruitment Pack at our Store.