Mick Say - Salon Business Coach.

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Salon Business Coach.

Mick Say: Salon Business Growth Consultant helps Salon Owners plan to grow their business by 100% by reducing cost of sales, increasing productivity and profitability, win more new clients, improve client retention and increase the life-time value of all clients.Mick Say, the Salon CEO and Salon Business Development Coach

The Salon Business Coach brings out ability by identifying needs and planning and implementing suitable development programme's. Whatever the context coaching involves developing the teams' psychological fitness as well as developing the real skills needed to ensure profitable salon business growth.

Mick Say - the Salon CEO - Salon Business Coach

Mick will help eliminate staff complacency, fear and taboos regarding their personal responsibility for column building and retail sales.

When you work with Mick you are inviting a business development specialist into your salon to work with your team.

Mick's combination of salon business experience and industry knowledge whilst working for many years with salon management and stylists has allowed Mick to develop a unique understanding of the industry and of the issues facing salon businesses today.

This insight has given Mick the ability to build training and human resource strategies which are unique to Full Column Ltd and our clients.


As the Salon Owner I didn't have any one to motivate me! Mick is now my Salon CEO and he motivates me and that rubs off on my team, his guidance and friendship goes above and beyond the call of duty. If you want to grow your salon business and receive great coaching without any flannel, give Mick a ring.
You will not be disappointed.

Nicola Hollick
Salon Owner
Chestnuts Hair Boutique - Essex

Deciding to Work with the Salon Business Coach

Life should not be a struggle so deciding that you need an extra pair of experienced business development hands to lighten your work load demonstrates great common sense and leadership on your part. Call Mick on his personal line 07719 061 835 if you would like to discuss our Salon Business Consulting Services.

Salon Business owners have invested considerable time, money and emotion into their salon. To protect this investment the salon owner should consider reviewing their Salon Business strategy to ensure their stability today and their steady growth into the future, to do this with short, medium and long term goals.

Most salon owners will agree that they have invested huge resources into creative training but have invested very little in Salon Business Development training and for teaching their staff how to be productive, how to contribute more and take personal responsibility for helping you to grow the salon business.

Your business has more pressure on it now than at any other time to be compliant with human resources law and to manage your staff in a way that has integrity for them, but also forces them to be more productive and to contribute more than just "turning up" and servicing the clients that you brought into the business.

The Salon Business Coach can help salon owners to implement a new Salon Human Resources Strategy which will provide a complete set of 2010 legal Human Resources documents and will also present an opportunity to remind salon employees of their responsibilities via their new contracts and job descriptions.

Salon Business Support

Our stylist training courses teach salon staff to accept that it is part of their professional contract with your salon to work diligently towards filling their own column with profitable clients. We have also written salon management courses and the resources necessary for effective salon management today.

Salon staff will rarely work to 100% of their capability unless salon management make this happen. If there is no system in place for measuring productivity, staff assessment, career progression and reward most staff will remain average 9-to-5ers and their employers will never generate the income they hoped for.

The Salon Business Coach can provide the training and resources needed to ensure that employee have the skills and confidence needed to increase their personal column revenue. If you give them the skills they need to contribute more, They Will !

Around 80% of the staff that work in salons settle for ok and "good enough" and salon management allow this to happen because neither they nor their staff have had the training needed to develop the essential business functions that are necessary for continuous profitable growth. This can be corrected with simple training.