NEW: Salon Stylists Guide to Building a Profitable Column

The Salon Managers Guide to Increased Salon Productivity  |  The Salon Stylists Column Building Guide

Column Building Guide for Hairdressers

We wrote the Stylists Column Building Guide for motivated hairdressers who want to take control of and increase their earnings. And also for Salon Owners with less than five staff who do not have a budget for business development training.Salon Column Builder for Increased Productivity

The smart hairdresser who invests in the Stylists Column Building Guide will quickly build a larger client list and become the salons highest paid stylist.

Salon Owners Should buy the Column Building Guide to give to their staff to help them manage their team more productively. Issue a copy to each stylist
and trainee at your next staff meeting as your salon's work-flow manual.

Hairdressers whom have never had any Business Development Training will benefit hugely from reading and applying these Column Building techniques.

The Stylists Column Building Guide is like 1-on-1 salon business development training for hairdressers and is a great investment for those salons who don't have a training budget or for stylists who want to earn more.

Salon Column Builder

Each hairdresser should develop a clearly defined Column Builder strategy which as a minimum will: 

✂ Win more new clients
✂ Improve client retention
✂ Sell more salon retail products
✂ Increase average client spend
✂ Increase the frequency of client visits
✂ Convert more of clients to colour
✂ Sell more treatments
✂ Sell more services from our salon menu
✂ Win more referrals from current clients

The hairdresser should use the Column Building Guide as a blueprint for increasing their personal column productivity which will lead to an increased salary them and increased profit for the salon.

Hairdressers today should willingly take personal Column Building responsibility and the Stylists Column Building guide can help you to do just that.

Salon Column Building Techniques

The salon Column Building techniques in the book are all based on sound salon business building practices which demonstrate respect and integrity for clients and they allow stylists to demonstrate professionalism.

Step-by-Step Column Builder
Step-by-Step Column Builder

Each section of the Column Building guide provides a step-by-step description of how the stylist should interact with the client in order to deliver the best possible service to the client and the greatest profitable return.

Increased Client Life-Time Value
Increased Client Life-Time Value

Using the Column Builder hairdressers will develop improved client retention, and more profit-per-client. Stylists who continue to use the working procedures in the Column Building guide they will increase the average client bill and will develop far larger life-time client value.

How to buy the Salon Managers Guide

The Column Building Guide eBook costs £17.70+ VAT and can be purchased for immediate download at the web store. Also see the Salon Super-Stylist Course for in-depth in-salon training.

Salon Owners should also buy a copy of the Salon Managers Guide to help them manage the team more productively, the two publications work hand-in-hand and is like having .