The Salon Managers Academy Salon Leadership in Action

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The Salon Managers Academy Helps Owners Plan to Grow Salon Business Profitably by 100%

Human Resources Academy Business Development Academy Website/Online Marketing Academy Advanced Business Academy
Salon Human Resources Academy SAlon Business Development Academy Salon Website and Online Marketing Academy Advanced Salon Business Academy
LEVEL 1 and 2 LEVEL1 and 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4
Structured Salon HR Plan Increase Revenue Profitably Introduce New Clients Premium Membership
Improve Salon Staff Productivity Stylist Column Building Training Communicate with Clients Membership of all Four Levels
New Salon Contracts & Documents Business Development Mentoring Project a Mega-Brand Image Advanced Business Development

Providing Human Resources, Business Development and Marketing Solutions for Salon Management

By the very nature of business things change and and salon managers need to work at their own pace in-line with the needs of their day-by-day duties. The Salon Managers Academy is a resource which will allow Salon Owners and Salon Managers to take advantage of Academy resources in their own time and have open access to the Salon CEO.Salon Business Growth Academy

Lets face it, you're not in business to be stressed, over-worked and burdened by administration. Our assumption is that you are in business to have comfortable life in which you delegate duties to your employees who do the graft ? Consider the Salon Managers Academy as your personal business resource and consider the Salon CEO as another one of your employees to whom you delegate duties. We do most of the work so that you don't have to!

As the business world evolves and now that technology allows it, more and more small businesses are outsourcing duties in order to be more efficient and more profitable. You can outsource many of your management duties to us.

Salon Management, Human Resources and Business Development Coaching

The Salon Managers Academy is a Salon Business Development - Distance Learning Resource for Salon Management.
We have organised the Business Development Modules in to four affordable levels to cater for salon needs and budgets.

Level 1 Salon Human Resources Management
Level 1 - Salon Human Resources Management and Business Development

To build a top performing salon team, the team leader needs to install a legislatively correct set of procedures, routines and HR documents designed to promote individual professionalism and profitable salon growth.

Level 2 Salon Business Development Academy
Level 2 - Salon Human Resources and Business Development with Mentoring and Coaching

Full Column Ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of Salon Business growth resources and is able to supply Salon Business Development support, training and mentoring to any size of Hairdressing, Beauty, Barber or Spa business..

Level 3 Salon Websites and Online Salon Marketing Academy
Level 3 - Salon Websites and Online Salon Marketing

Our Salon Websites are designed to win new clients and to generate more business from your existing clients. Like any business investment the Salon Website has to be designed to add value to the business. Our List of website features and training modules are impressive to say the least.

Level 4 Advanced Salon Managers Academy Membership
Level 4 - Advanced Salon Managers Academy Membership

Level four Salon Managers Academy membership includes all the above and then some more. Whilst being very cost efficient this 12 months business development programme will continue to deliver More Clients, Visiting the Salon More Often, Spending More Money, for years to come.