Salon Website Types, Features, Options and Typical Costs.

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Plan the Cost of a Dynamic Salon Website and
Decide Which Type of Website is Best for You.

How Much will a Salon Website Cost?Which Type of Salon Website is Right for Your Salon Business

A serious Salon Website designed to be a 24/7 Salon Business Development machine is a serious long term investment that will deliver countless thousands in new revenue and new clients.

Cheap Salon Websites or a DIY website cannot deliver such a return on investment and could do more harm to your business than good so we don't offer them to our clients but our competitors do so beware!

Like everything in business you-get-what-you-pay-for. Here at Full Column we pledge never to supply our clients with a Website or an online service unless we are confident that it offers good value for money and will deliver a good return on your investment in our product and your trust in us and our service.

Salon Website Types

Investing in a Salon Website is going to be one of your most important business investments. So I urge you to do lots of research and to read all of the pages that I direct you to so that you can make an informed decision.

Because we know what works and what does not, we only work with three kinds of website:

1. State-of-the-Art: Advanced WordPress Websites:
WordPress Salon Websites: Best for Salon Owners on a low-budget and want to manage their own website content.

2. Advanced Dynamic Websites:
Dynamic Salon Websites: Best for Salon owners who want the best of everything to secure the best return on their investment, but do not want to spend their own time managing content.

3. Bespoke Advanced Dynamic Websites:
Bespoke Salon Websites: Best for Salon Owners who would like a completely unique design. We take the images out of your mind and transform them into a totally unique website.

Important First Steps to Consider BEFORE you Spend any Money !

Countless thousands of business owners rush into buying domain names and webhosting packages without sufficient knowledge of what they are doing. It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that you do not do this. For optimum website performance there must be congruence between, the website domain name, the type of website you want, the type of server the website NEEDS to be hosted on and search engine optimisation.

Purchasing the wrong mix of the above is not insurmountable but it does cause problems and and will increase your life-time website costs. We all supply domain names and webhosting packages for our sites.

Which Website Hosting Package Should I Choose
Website Hosting

A website is "hosted" on a "server" it is this technology that brings the website to the computer screen when the web surfer types in a search phrase our website address. 1st Year hosting is included in the price of all of our websites. 2nd year Hosting is between £45 and £90 P/A.

How do I select a Website Domain Name
Website Domain Name

We include the 1st year domain name cost in the initial price. Subsequent years domain names charges are £8.00 per year. Please DO NOT purchase a domain name before consulting with our webmaster. Domain name selection is crucial and not always obvious.

What is Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

70% of website vendors do not include search engine optimisation in the price. 20% of the ones that do - DO NOT do it correctly as this is a very detailed and time consuming skill. The other 10% who do it correctly charge huge sums. We include level 1 SEO free in all our sites.