Advanced Dynamic Salon Website: This Website Drinks Red Bull !

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Advanced Dynamic Salon Website Design

The website you are viewing now is a dynamic website and it has an assortment of HTML and PHP Pages. This kind of website gives the developer greater flexibility on design and function because everything is made from scratch using a layout that is proven to be successful.Dynamic hairdressing, beauty, Barber, Salon, Spa Website Design for New Client Business

Also, in the hands of an expert Search Engine Marketer (SEM) this type of website offers the greatest control for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - The skill that gets your Salon Website found and used.

Please notice the layout of this website and its pages. It is designed in an "industry standard" layout which includes many features that are important to gain the attention of the website visitor and then to keep them on the website for as long as possible.

Forget for one moment that you are a creative expert and put yourself in the shoes of your clients and potential website visitors who are not.

Think about the science of why consumers search the internet and what they do when they land on a website. Consumers search for a specific reason and they have an image of what they are seeking in their mind. Dynamic websites are built around subject "search" matter whilst promoting a brand, so the dynamic website layout and features captures and keeps the website visitor and satisfies the original search query.

How Does a Dynamic Salon Website Satisfy the Visitors Search ?

In the simplicity and UN complex nature of its design and layout. And because the website developer knew what the visitor wanted find even before they searched for it ! Now that's a cool skill.

Firstly the website has to be made by a developer who has an in depth knowledge of the industry, otherwise they could not achieve the right mix of SEO and website dynamics. It would be like asking a plumber to fix airplane hydraulics because he is good with pipes. You wouldn't fly on that airplane would you?

Internet Search Dynamics
Internet Search Dynamics

The dynamic Salon Website is the only kind of website that has code and structure flexible enough to arrange SEO and SEM techniques in all of the correct positions of the pages. Most website design companies do not employ people with these skills or our industry knowledge.

Answer the Original Website Visitors Search Query
Answer the Original Website Visitors Search Query

In order to answer the query the website page that can answer the question has to be found by the search engines: Then the search engines have to direct the searcher to your page. In depth hair and beauty industry knowledge is essential for this, general designers don't have it.

Dynamic Salon Website Look
Dynamic Salon Website Look

When the website visitor lands on your Salon Website it must be obvious that they have landed on a hairdressing or beauty salon website without it being to "arty" as this generally makes them difficult to read which leads to frustration and high bounce rates.

Dynamic Salon Website Layout
Dynamic Salon Website Layout

Salon Logo top Left - Call-to-Action top right, followed by a simple navigation bar leading to strategically placed content. On the home page and every internal page there needs to be a simple clean image which indicates the answer to their question may be on the page.

Lead Generation and Call-to-Action on Every Page
Lead Generation and Call-to-Action on Every Page

The Salon Website is there to generate new business from NEW clients and more business from existing clients. We have the industry knowledge and technical know-how to make all of this happen for our Hairdressing, Beauty, Barber and Spa clients.


Advanced Dynamic Salon Website Design Cost

Package Code: ADSS 1 ADSS 2 ADSS 3 ADSS 4
Package Detail: 1 to 6 Pages 6 to 10 Pages 11 to 16 Pages 16 Pages +
Package Prices Excluding VAT £500.00 £700.00 £800.00 + £30 P/P
Unlimited Bandwidth and Space
Designed to your Branding
Search Engine Optimisation
First Year Website Hosting
Domain Name Included
Email Address Included
PayPal Integration
Automatic New Client Promo
PayPal Integration
Online Voucher Sales
Online Promotional Sales
Website Maintenance
Optional Extra Features: Cost ex VAT Payment Type    
SSL Certificate Per Year £30.00 Per Year Your Salon Website Quality Guarantee
Content Management System £150.00 One-Off
Email Collection and List Management £200.00 Per Year
Email Campaigns (cost per campaign) £70.00 Per Camp
Optimised Photographic Image Gallery £80.00 One-Off
Automated Twitter Following/Marketing £120.00 Per Year
Dynamic Staff Recruitment Page £75.00 One-Off
Subsequent Annual Web Hosting Charges 1 to 6 Pages 6 to 10 Pages 11 to 16 Pages 16 Pages +
Prices Excluding VAT £140.00 £140.00 £140.00 £140.00
Includes Website Maintenance & Support

Website Maintenance and Support
Website Maintenance and Support

Like cars Websites need a little TLC and under the annual hosting fee we make sure that your Salon Website keeps working, and if you have opted for content management we will be there for you if you make any errors or need any advice with no extra charge.